Sell Services

Marketplacekit lets you sell services according to your business. It lets you add the type of services you provide. To sell your services, Marketplacekit has a pricing model called "Book session".

You can sell services like yoga instruction service, training service, driving instruction service, etc.

For example, a Yoga instructor will provide Yoga lessons per session. So, for this, users should be able to book sessions, time and date.

So for selling services, there's a pricing model called Book Session on Maketplacekit.

It lets your customers "book sessions", meaning they will be able to set the date, time and number of spaces. To enable this, first go to "" and click "edit" beside "Book Session". You can edit the settings as per your liking and save it. session booking Once it's saved, you can now assign it to any category by going to "". Then, while posting a listing, select the category you assigned this pricing model to. Now, you will see additional fields while posting a listing with this category. You can fill up the fields with the values of your liking. Screenshot from 2019-07-25 13-44-41

Now, your listing will have options like this. The customer can now select a date, time and number of seats for the session.

Screenshot from 2019-07-25 13-46-15