How To Add Product With Variations

Marketplacekit comes with several pricing models already set-up for different listings. One of these pricing models is the “Buy” pricing model with its seller listing type set to “Sell something” and a “Buy” widget pre-assigned to it.


To add variations to your product, first, you need to assign the “Buy” pricing model to a category. Go to Categories(""). There, either add a new category or edit the existing one. Set its "Seller listing type" to "Sell Something".

sell something

You can now add variations such as size, color, price of each color, etc. for this listing. Click on “Post listing” and select the category you just assigned the “Buy” pricing model to. For this preview, we named the category “Sell Something” so it’s easy to understand.

post a listing

Then, since we’ve already set the Listing type for this category to “Sell something”, we will see only one option; “Buy” under Listing type.

Click on it and you will be asked to add a title and a description for the listing. Fill them up and click on “Create & Continue”.

create and continue

You will be redirected to the edit page. If you scroll down to the bottom of the page, you can see a tab titled “Variants”.


Click on “Add Variant”. You will see two input boxes, one titled “Attribute” and another “Values”.

adding variants

Under Attribute, type in the variation you want to add, for this example, let’s add “Size” as a variant. Type “Size” under Attribute.


Now, let’s add different variations for the Size attribute. You can add multiple variants separated by an “Enter”.


You can see that the variations are added as you add the values for the attribute. Now, let’s add different prices for these variations. Click inside the box under “Additional Price” and enter the price for the variations. You can also increase or decrease the stock to your liking.

price and stock

Once you’re done adding variations, click on Publish, and the listing will be published with the variations to choose from.

published variations

If in case, the variations don’t show up when posting, go to “/panel/pricing-models” and click on “edit” beside the “Buy” pricing model.

editing pricing models

You will be redirected to the edit page, now scroll down to the very bottom of the page. You will see several checklist options. Check the option “Can add variations of the item” if it’s not already checked and click on “Submit”.

additional options for pricing models