How To Add An Appointment/Event With Dates/Time slots

Marketplacekit comes with several pricing models already set-up for different listings. One of these pricing models is the “Book Session” pricing model with “Book a time” widget pre-assigned to it.

book session

This pricing model allows users to select a date and choose different time slots. It is perfect for listings like Yoga sessions, cooking classes, tuitions, etc.

First, you need to assign the “Book Session” pricing model to a category. Go to Categories(""). There, either add a new category or edit the existing one. Set its "Seller listing type" to "List your service" since this is the default seller label assigned to “Book Session” pricing model. Click on “Submit” to save your changes.


P.S.: You can change the default “Seller listing type” for every pricing model in “/panel/pricing-models”. Just click on “edit” and the new page, change the Seller label.

editing pricing model

Now, let’s try adding a new listing to see an example. Click on “Post listing” and select the category you just assigned the “Book Session” pricing model to. For this preview, we named the category “Yoga Session”.


Then, since we’ve already set the Listing type for this category to “List your service”, we will see only one option; “Book Session” under Listing type.

Click on it and you will be asked to add a title and a description for the listing. Fill them up and click on “Create & Continue”.

book session

You will be redirected to the edit page. If you scroll down to the bottom of the page, you can see a tab titled “Set-up availability”.

availability slots

Here, you can enter the length of sessions(in minutes), and then add at what times, the sessions are available.

Let’s set up availability for each day. You can add times in random order and 24hr format or 12hr format, everything is managed automatically once the listing is published. You can also add multiple time slots for each day separated by “Enter”.

available slots

Once you’re done adding time slots, click on Publish, and the listing will be published. You will be able to select a date and on that date, you can see the time slots you just added.