How To Add A Bank Account

Before adding a bank account on your marketplace, you would first need to enable Stripe payment and connect your site to your Stripe account.

Click here to learn how you can set up Stripe on your marketplace.

In addition to connecting your site to your Stripe, you would also need to set the Redirect URI on your Stripe settings to the one you can see on payments > stripe.

Stripe payment

Copy the redirect URI from your payments > stripe and paste it under Redirect URI in Stripe settings stripe redirect URI

Now, you can add your bank account to receive payments via Stripe on the platform. Go to “” or click on “Get Paid” from the dropdown menu that appears when you click on your account on the navbar. Get Paid

You will be redirected to your “Payments” page. You can see the “Credit Card” option selected by default there. Click on “Enter Payment Details securely”. Adding bank account

You will now be redirected to Stripe and will be asked to fill up your details. Fill up all the details correctly. During the process, you will be asked for different verification, verify everything so Stripe can make sure it’s you who’s initiating the payment connection. Stripe setup

Once you’ve successfully verified all the documents and have gone through all the setups, you will be redirected back to your marketplace’s payouts page. But, this time, the “Enter your payment details securely” button will be changed to “View your balance and payouts”. view your balance and payouts

Congrats! You’ve now successfully added a bank account on your marketplace. All the payments from the site are now processed via Stripe and you can view your balance and payouts there. Balance