How To Change Themes

First, log in to your website’s panel. You can access your site’s panel in two ways.

  1. Click on the wrench icon on the navbar.


  1. Click on your name and from the dropdown, click “Admin Panel”.

admin panel

You will now be redirected to the site’s admin panel. There, click on “Addons” on the side panel.


You will be redirected to the add-ons page. You can see a bunch of pre-installed add-ons there. Now, find the “HTML Editor” add-on and click on its “Settings”.

HTML editor

By default, it will redirect you to “Auth/Checkout” tab, click on “Branding” to switch to the branding tab.


You will be redirected to the theme page. The very first option is the “Theme” option. This is where you select the theme you like from a list of pre-installed themes. You can also see all available themes here.


Once you select the theme, click on “Save styles” and the theme will be applied to your site. If you want more customization on the site, choose “Use Custom Styling(Below)” for Customization and then define the custom styling for your site.

custom styling

You can also define custom colors for all the sections of the site.

custom colors