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Not sure what solution to go for? How to choose
Below we present a comparison between the hosted and self-hosted versions.

  Hosted Self-hosted
  • Automatic Installation
  • SSL setup (https by default)
  • Auto-updates
  • Uploading of videos & documents
  • Email notifications
  • Managed infrastructure

requires technical knowledge


Included Free

Individually Priced

Mobile app

Available separately

Available separately

Images & Media
  • Lightning Image Loading via CDN
  • AI thumbnail cropping
  • Media browser
  • Uploading of videos & documents

requires third-party

  • Percentage of sale commission fees
  • Value based commission fees
  • Membership plans
  • Listing fees

* Memberships & Listing fees
coming soon

  • Custom backend functionality
  • Addition of complex pages
  • Additional Payment Methods
  • Shipping API Integration
  • Custom Development

* Business plan only

Service Catalog
  • General
  • Web Design
  • Payments & Shipping
  • Mobile development
Web Design
  • Choice of themes
  • Custom theming
  • Custom frontend functionality
Pricing models
  • Product listings
  • Products with variations
  • Date bookings
  • Timeslot bookings
  • Announcement type listings

Which option should I choose?

  1. If you have limited coding experience, just getting started and need the basics to test and validate your marketplace idea use the hosted version.
  2. If you have limited coding experience but need extra functionality and a more customized user experience use the hosted option with the service catalog so we can help you build required functionality.
  3. If you are a developer (or have your own dev team) use the self-hosted version with premium addons and themes and make your own changes. You can also order services from the service catalog to supplement your team and save time.
  4. If you want a totally custom marketplace or want to integrate marketplace features into existing software use the custom build so we can dedicate resources for the duration of the project. This enables you to launch your marketplace faster.

What is the difference between the service catalog and custom build?

The service catalog allows you to order services as you build and grow your marketplace. Our developers review your request and make the changes at the next available time slot. The custom build books a dedicated developer/designer to build and launch your marketplace. The latter should be used when building a very custom solution.

What is the "custom build" solution?

Custom builds are platforms that carry out multiple uses and require a marketplace. For example, you may want a platform that helps salons take bookings from clients with in integrated marketplace so clients can choose where they'd like to go, an on-the-go marketplace like uber where users can find the nearest cars from their mobile phone or a marketplace that deals in cryptocurrency only.

Why should I host with you

Hosting with us means you don't have to worry about the infrastructure, servers, databases and don't need an IT team. You'll also get answers to your queries faster and we can help you debug problems quicker. Since we built the software we are able to help you overcome any difficulties quicker.