Checking Out With Stripe

To enable checking out with Stripe on your marketplace, you would first need to connect your marketplace with your Stripe account using Stripe API keys. You can add your API keys on your marketplace using the Stripe add-on.


Once you’ve added your Stripe API keys to your marketplace, the sellers will now be able to add their bank accounts on the site and start accepting payments. To learn more about adding a bank account, click here.

Let’s dive into how a customer can checkout using Stripe on the marketplace

The customer clicks the “Buy”/”Book” button to go to the checkout page.


He is now redirected to the internal(your site’s) checkout page where he’ll be asked to enter his address and select his billing method if you’ve enabled more than one. If it’s only Stripe, he will see “Credit Card” as the default option.

checkout page

The info he enters on this page will be recorded in the admin panel for the admin’s review. When he clicks “Place order”, he will be redirected to Stripe’s Checkout page.

stripe checkout

The info entered on this page is recorded on your Stripe account. Once the payment is successful, the seller will be notified about the order and the buyer will be redirected to a confirmation page.