How to add your own domain name

To add your custom domain name in Marketplace, you must own a domain and have a live Marketplace.

Now, go to There, you can see the details of your live marketplace along with its link and admin credentials.

connect domain

In the domain input field, add your custom domain name with the 'www'.


You will see your CNAMEs that you can use in the section below.


Now, go to your DNS settings in your domain provider's site and add these CNAMEs there so the main URL eg: will be added to and the hub URL is for the admin panel so will be redirected to


Once you have done this, go to your site's admin panel's settings page: and in API URL, change the default API URL to your custom URL and click "Submit".


Now, go to and click "Save settings" and once these settings have been saved, click "Rebuild site". It normally takes around five minutes to rebuild the site. Once it's rebuilt, your main site will be and admin URL will be