How To Payout Your Sellers

To payout your sellers, you need to log in to your Stripe dashboard “”. Once logged in to the dashboard, go to Connect > Accounts

Stripe Dashboard > Connect > Accounts

You will see your connected account. Click on it.

Stripe Connected Accounts

You will now be redirected to the details page where you can see your balance, activity, bank account details, logs, etc. You can also see a “Pay out to bank” button under “Balance”. This lets you (marketplace owner) send money to the seller.

Pay out to bank

Click on it and you will see a modal/popup, where you can edit the payout amount, delivery method, and Statement description. Fill up the required fields and click on “Pay out”.

Pay out to bank!

Once the Payout  is successful, you can view all your payouts in “”.


There’s also an option to edit the payout schedule within Stripe. Go to Connect > Accounts and click on the  "..." button under “Balance”, and then click on “Edit payout schedule”.

Payout Schedule

If you want, you can set the payout schedule to automatic payouts(once you trust the seller) or set it to manual for manually releasing payouts.

Releasing Payouts

The seller can also see the payouts on the site itself by clicking on “View balance and payouts” on the “/account/payouts” page.

Viewing balance and payouts

Recent payouts