About Us

We're a small team that loves building products.

We've previously built lots of different custom marketplaces ranging from real estate, investment, classifieds, e-commerce and crowdfunding sites. All of the time we've had to build the product from scratch due to the different requirements. This increases the cost of development and the time required to launch.

Now we've built an open-source platform that enables anyone, whether you're a developer or not to create markeptlaces quicker and remove the initial groundwork required. The platform can save up to 3 months of dev time. The core of the product is free and will forever be free - it provides you enough to get started.

We also know that marketplaces need to be unique, or at least fairly unique to stand a chance. Hence, we're building a growing range of addons and themes to help you customize your marketplace as much as possible without having to code.

This makes it quick and convenient for us or your own developers to add extras and create a totally unique marketplace in much less time than previously required.

We're now sharing all this with you either as a platform we host, or if your a developer a platform you can build on top of.

We wish you the best of luck in launching your marketplace/community!

Oh, and lastly - don't forget to follow us on twitter to keep up-to-date with releases.