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Tips and tricks

Messaging – Detecting emails/phone numbers to prevent contact sharing

Using Marketplacekit, admins can enable/disable contact sharing between their consumers. This allows admins to prevent users from trading with each other and avoid the service fee. To prevent contact sharing and detecting email/phone numbers, go to “/pane...
May 23, 2019

Creating a private marketplace

Sometimes you might want to make your website only available to registered members. By introducing a paid membership, you can offer lower prices for your items but make money on subscription fees. Buyers will be aware of the low prices and pay for the pri...
Dec 10, 2018

Verifying the identity of users

Sometimes before allowing members to start trading on a marketplace you need to verify their identity to reduce the chances of fraud. Fraudulent buyers can get your Stripe account cancelled due to charge-backs/stolen credit cards. Fraudulent sellers will...
Dec 10, 2018

Customizing the design of your website

We know using your own brand, customizing the look and feel are one of the most important aspects. We’ve created 3 things, a “Brand Editor” to easily change colors and fonts without any technical knowledge, an HTML & CSS editor for those designers and...
Dec 10, 2018

Creating Listing Fees

Sometimes you may want to charge users a fee to list their item. This would be most useful when combined with free listings. For example, free listings could be limited to a certain time span such as 1 day. If the user finds the free listing effective eno...
Dec 10, 2018

Adding custom scripts

You can add custom scripts by going to “Addons > Custom scripts”. There are many external services that you may want to add to your site. Google analytics is already integrated. However, you may want to add widgets for surveys, feedback, and other anal...
Dec 10, 2018