How To Add Extra Options, Shipping Fees, Additional Options, etc.

To be able to add extra options, shipping fees, etc. on a listing, you would need to first enable them in the admin panel under “pricing models”.

Note: These options are only available in the “Buy” widget.

Log in to your admin panel and click on “Settings”.


Under settings, click on “Pricing models” to go to the pricing models page.

Pricing Models

You will see a bunch of pre-added pricing models there. Click on “edit” on the right side of any pricing model you would like to edit.

Edit Pricing Models

You will be redirected to the edit page, now scroll down to the very bottom of the page. You will see several checklist options. Check on the options you would like to add for that pricing model and click on “Submit”.


Once done, you would need to add a category and assign it to the pricing model you’ve just edited, or you can also assign an existing category to the pricing model to be able to see these options for that particular category.

Now, if you create a listing and assign it to the category assigned to the pricing model with these options enabled, you will be able to see extra options while posting.