Populate the "Features" tab on the listing page

Every listing has a "Features" tab that the sellers can use to display special features or any extra detail they want to let the customers know.

To populte the "Feature" tab, go to "/panel/settings" and click on "Fields & filters", or just go to "/panel/fields". fields & filters

Now, add new fields you want on the site by clicking on "+ Add new". Give the field a name and position.

If you also want to enable it on the sidebar for filtering on the browse page, also check the checkbox beside "Show in search sidebar" and click "Submit". new field

Once you click submit, additional settings for the field will show up. There, select the form input type and set other settings as your liking and click on "Submit". field settings

The new field is now successfully saved and, you can see it when posting a listing on the edit page under "Extra Attributes". extra attributes

Add a value there and, when saved, they will show up under "Features". features

You can also see it in the sidebar on the browse page if you have checked the checkbox to show it in search sidebar. filter sidebar