How To Add A Product

To add a product on your marketplace, click on “Post listing” on the navbar. If you’re not logged in, you will be redirected to a login page, and once you’re logged in, you would again need to click on “Post listing”.


A modal will popup on the screen. Choose the category for the listing. 

post a listing

Then, choose the listing type. If you’ve set multiple listing types for a single category, you will have the option to choose from multiple listing types.

Listing type

Now, type in the title and a description for the listing and click on “Create & Continue”.

Add Title and Description

You will be redirected to the edit page, where you can add more details and options for the listing. The listing title and the description of the listing are auto-populated for you, but you can edit them if you like.

You can now add tags for your listing, along with expiry date. You can also add a location for the listing. For the location, you can only specify the address on the first input field, the area and the country fields are auto-populated.


Along with these, you can also add images to your listing to let the buyers know what they’ll be purchasing. You can upload images three ways, you can either drag and drop them directly from your device, upload using a button or insert a link of the image online.


You can also upload videos for your listings. Now, if you’ve enabled additional options for the pricing model you’re using, you will be able to add additional options for the listings, else you can now add a price for the listing and click on “Publish”.


If you’ve not set any restrictions and have not made it compulsory for the listings to require admin verification, your listing will be now live and can be viewed on the site and the browse page.

listing published