Assigning Pricing Model to a Category

Once you've created a pricing model, you need to assign it to a new or existing category. Doing this will automatically link that category to the pricing model and all the features that are included in the pricing model will be displayed on the products or listings assigned to that category.

So, to assign a pricing model to a category, first, login to your website's panel and click on "Categories" on the top-left corner of the page or you can also go to Categories directly by typing in "" in the Address bar. image

You can edit the existing category and assign the pricing model to it or create a new one. To create a new category, click "Add new". You will be redirected to a new page. Give the category a name, order and select a parent category if you want it as a sub-category. For example, for a clothing store, "Designer" can be a category and the names of the designers can be subcategories which are parented to "Designer".

Now, under "Seller listing type", you can choose the pricing model you created and click "Submit". newcategory

Congrats! You've successfully assigned a pricing model to a category.