Now, you can add custom fields like an institution, company name, etc. on the signup page. To do this, please refer to the following steps.

1. Login to your admin panel “”.

2. Go to Addons “/panel/addons”.

3. Go to HTML & CSS Editor “/panel/addons/htmleditor”.

4. Now, from the dropdown, find “auth/register.twig” and open it by clicking on it. You can also access this file by directly typing the link “/panel/addons/htmleditor?file=auth/register.twig”.

5. Now, find “<div class=”form-group”></div>”

and add your code for the new field anywhere below it and click “Save file”.


Congratulations! you’ve successfully added a custom field on the register page.

You can also let users select “Member type” while signing up. For this, you need to set up roles for the users. To do this, go to “/panel/roles” and click “Add new”. Then, give the new role a name, set permissions, check the radio button in front of “Allow user to select this role on registration” to display this on sign up page and then click “Submit”.

You can now see a “Member Type” option on the register page.