Creating memberships

Memberships can be used in two ways, either to: Give members premium features on your marketplace. This can include setting a number of posts per month, number of featured/bold or priority listings and to limit the number of messages users can send to eac...
Dec 10, 2018

Listing Fees, Credits and Memberships

We’ve been quiet for a while. That’s because we’ve been busy building and building new features. Here’s what’s new: There’s now a free plan, it’s mostly suitable for individuals wanting to list their own services and accept/book orders online. It’s limite...
Oct 12, 2018

Adding a new payment processor

A common question users ask is how to add a new payment processor – such as Adyen rather than Stripe or Paypal. It’s fairly easy to do this, here are brief instructions so you know which files to modify To add a new payment method: Http/Controllers/Accoun...
Jul 20, 2018

5 creative mobile marketplace designs

Here are a few marketplaces designs for mobile apps you may like. A Horse Marketplace A minimal design for searching horses for sale via an app. A super clean design for a sneaker marketplace A very clean look for a sneaker marketplace app. A marketplac...
Jun 03, 2018

Do I need a Mobile App?

A mobile app does make it convenient for many buyers and sellers. Buyers can browse listings and communicate with sellers wherever they are, while sellers can accept orders on the go – just as the web counterpart. However, they can also feature push notif...
Jun 03, 2018

We recently launched on Github

Hello, We’ve launched on GitHub. The version there is not totally on parity with the demo but will be soon. We’re working on a plugin system so it’s easy to modify, without affecting the core. Stay tuned for more :). Or just email us if you’re in a hurry....
Jun 03, 2018

Getting initial traction

Getting your first users for a marketplace is one of the most difficult parts. You need both buyers and sellers – commonly referred to as “the chicken and egg problem”. However, sometimes that just makes it sound harder than it actually is. It only takes...
Jun 02, 2018


Server Requirements PHP 7.2 OpenSSL PHP Extension PDO PHP Extension Mbstring PHP Extension Tokenizer PHP Extension XML PHP Extension Ctype PHP Extension JSON PHP Extension ImageMagick PHP Extension MySQL 5.7 Node JS (8.9.4) – this is only require...
Jun 02, 2018

Installing Marketplacekit

Download the code via GitLab composer create-project marketplacekit/marketplacekit marketplacekit Change directory cd marketplacekit Install the required packages composer install Install the node modules npm install Create a .env file by copying the .e...
Jun 02, 2018

Google Maps Key

MarketplaceKit relies on Google Maps for geolocalized searches. Please visit to generate your key. You can then add this in the MarketplaceKit Admin Panel.
Jun 02, 2018

Facebook login

In order for your users to login via Facebook you need to register for a Facebook key. Go to and register for a developer account. Create a Facebook app via Instructions for creating a...
Jun 02, 2018