Payment methods

There are four ways payments can be accepted on the website. These are: Listing fees Credits Subscriptions Peer-to-peer (commission fees) Listing fees and credits can be paid for using Stripe (credit cards) and Paypal. Subscriptions can be paid for usin...
Dec 10, 2018

Creating memberships

Memberships can be used in two ways, either to: Give members premium features on your marketplace. This can include setting a number of posts per month, number of featured/bold or priority listings and to limit the number of messages users can send to eac...
Dec 10, 2018

Adding a new payment processor

A common question users ask is how to add a new payment processor – such as Adyen rather than Stripe or Paypal. It’s fairly easy to do this, here are brief instructions so you know which files to modify To add a new payment method: Http/Controllers/Accoun...
Jul 20, 2018


Server Requirements PHP 7.2 OpenSSL PHP Extension PDO PHP Extension Mbstring PHP Extension Tokenizer PHP Extension XML PHP Extension Ctype PHP Extension JSON PHP Extension ImageMagick PHP Extension MySQL 5.7 Node JS (8.9.4) – this is only require...
Jun 02, 2018

Installing Marketplacekit

Download the code via GitLab composer create-project marketplacekit/marketplacekit marketplacekit Change directory cd marketplacekit Install the required packages composer install Install the node modules npm install Create a .env file by copying the .e...
Jun 02, 2018

Google Maps Key

MarketplaceKit relies on Google Maps for geolocalized searches. Please visit to generate your key. You can then add this in the MarketplaceKit Admin Panel.
Jun 02, 2018

Facebook login

In order for your users to login via Facebook you need to register for a Facebook key. Go to and register for a developer account. Create a Facebook app via Instructions for creating a...
Jun 02, 2018

Stripe Setup

Open a new Stripe account Get your API keys Add both keys in your MarketplaceKit Admin Panel
Jun 02, 2018

Customizing HTML

All HTML templates are found in the resources/theme/default folder. You may add your own theme to a new folder in the resources/theme folder. If you chose to do so, you must also modify config/themes.php and add your theme to the themes array 'themes' =&g...
Jun 02, 2018

Customizing CSS

For in-depth docuemntation please read Compiling Assets (Laravel Mix). To make changes to the CSS changes please use resources/themes/default/sass/app.scss. webpack.mix.js contains the line to indicate which file should be used and where it should be outp...
Jun 02, 2018


Translation files are stored as JSON files in the resources/lang directory. For example, if your marketplace has a Spanish translation, you should create a resources/lang/es.json file: { "I love programming.": "Me encanta programar." } *Remember to en...
Jun 02, 2018