Customizing the design of your website

Dec 10, 2018

Customizing the design of your website

We know using your own brand, customizing the look and feel are one of the most important aspects. We’ve created 3 things, a “Brand Editor” to easily change colors and fonts without any technical knowledge, an HTML & CSS editor for those designers and developers to have full customization.

Using the Brand Editor:

The easiest way is to customize the design is to use the “Brand Editor” tool. This makes it easy to change fonts using “Google Fonts” and change your brand colors. It’s pretty much self explanatory, but here’s a screenshot below. s 7F6FB3C3372331C70501E04BCD9B13A282175666031518D9DB204FCEEC55D562 1544442298492 image

Editing the CSS:

What if you want to add a non-google font or add extra styling options? If you know a bit of CSS, it easy to get your site looking as you want. s 7F6FB3C3372331C70501E04BCD9B13A282175666031518D9DB204FCEEC55D562 1544445216923 image

HTML Editor:

Lastly there’s the HTML editor. This allows you to add any custom snippets e.g. HotJar, MixPanel etc. It also allows you to add custom text, use variables and change the way data on oyur site is displayed. s 7F6FB3C3372331C70501E04BCD9B13A282175666031518D9DB204FCEEC55D562 1544445479705 image

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