Creating Listing Fees

Dec 10, 2018

Creating Listing Fees

Sometimes you may want to charge users a fee to list their item.

This would be most useful when combined with free listings. For example, free listings could be limited to a certain time span such as 1 day. If the user finds the free listing effective enough they could pay to upgrade it to another week.

It’s not just the time span that involves listing fees, you could limit free listings to have a certain number of photos and less priority in searches. Users who find your marketplace useful can upgrade to paid listings to better demonstrate their product and gain more visibility.

Listing fee prices can also be variable depending on category and price range. For example something listed in the “Vehicles” category can be higher than something in the “Electronics” category. A car could be listed for sale for £1000 while a mobile phone £100. It fair to increase the listing fee for the car. You could go a little further and set limits per price range. A car worth £1000 might have a listing fee of £4.99 while a car worth more than £5000 a listing fee of $19.99. It’s up to you what you want to do.

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You’ll be presented with a new page with fields to create a new listing fee. The name and description are used to help users know what the fee will include so try and be descriptive. The group is only used for displaying listing fees in sections to it’s easier to read.

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You can also set a length of time the listing will be active for by using the duration units and period. e.g. setting 1 unit and a period of “week” means the listing will expire 1 week.

The “Prevent expiry date renewal” field means if a user decides to buy a listing fee plan the expiry date will not be renewed. This is typically used when creating fees for “Featured”, “Priority” or “Bolded” listings. e.g. you can create a price to boost a listing to featured for a period of 1 week at a cost of £7. When a user chooses this option the expiry date of the listing won’t be changed.

The “Only show this fee for new listings” allows you to restrict the option to new never published listings only.

The “Does the price include tagging the listing as “featured”?” select box allows users to set their listings as featured upon selecting the option. “Make priority” promotes their listings up in search rankings, while “Make the ad bold” makes the ad more visible when browsing.


Selecting a category from the “Category” drop-down allows you to limit this option to listings posted in a specific category. “Min price” and “Max price” allows you to restrict the option to items within a specific price range. Together you can create an option to charge users a fee of £50 to post in a real estate section provided the price is between £150k and £250k and a fee of £100 for anything greater than £250k.

Any questions, please do ask.

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