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Let members review and rate listings

Online reviews are valuable to both potential customers and the business itself. Each one-star increase in overall business rating can result in a 5-10% increase in revenue, and customers will spend up to 30% more at businesses with “Excellent” reviews.

With this in mind, Marketplacekit also lets users review a listing/product. Ratings and reviews can also help the business get more reach.

1. Customer Loyalty:

Ratings & Reviews are an excellent way to improve customer loyalty. They keep your customers satisfied, provide reminders about your products and services, and promote repeat purchases. They provide businesses with valuable market research and help them better understand the opinions and needs of their customers.

2. Online Reputation:

Whether you know it or not, your customers are probably already reviewing your products and services anywhere else. So, it is better to receive reviews directly than unknowingly, which is why it's so important to play an active role in how potential customers perceive your business. Ratings & Reviews can help you gain more customers and eventually more sales than before.

3. Increase Sales:

Recent research found that more than 35% of shoppers start their shopping journey on Google or another search engine, which means if you don’t have a strong presence on Google, you’re missing out on more than a third of your potential customers.

The good news is, ratings and reviews can play a major role in building a strong presence on search which eventually results in more sales.

Who should use this addon?
"Ratings & Reviews" is useful for the people who are concerned with their online presence and want to increase sales as well as their customers.

Ratings & Reviews can enhance merchant credibility, improve comparison shopping rankings, and raise conversion rates. They can increase customer engagement and monitor customer service efforts. They can also achieve all of this and more through the power of word of mouth marketing.

Why use this?
Ratings and reviews are critical to customer service as they provide the merchant with an opportunity to monitor customer satisfaction and address any problems that are brought up in a review. Ratings and reviews also provide your customers with the information they need to feel confident in making an online purchase, and in doing so, can dramatically increase your sales.

Use Cases:

  1. The sellers can use "Ratings & Reviews" to boost their products and listings.
  2. Ratings & Reviews can also be used to boost the seller's online presence.
  3. It can also help the business increase sales.

    How it works
    To enable Ratings & Reviews add-on, log in to your panel and go to "Addons"(/panel/addons). Ratings&Reviews

Once enabled, click on its Settings or go to "yourdomain.com/panel/addons/ratings" and there, you can edit the settings for your site and you can also view the ratings and reviews posted on your site's listings. reviews settings


review on site

  • Easy to implement.
  • Coding knowledge not required.
  • Easy Management.
  • Accessibility.

Please make sure you have a basic knowledge of Composer, Laravel and NPM before proceeding.

You must also have a working installation of MarketplaceKit. After your purchase, you will get 6 months access to a git repo from where you can download and install the package.

To install this package run

composer require marketplacekit/ratings

Then activate the addon in the admin panel.


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Single Site License: Purchased add-ons may only be used on a single live domain. Item includes 12 months of developer support and updates.
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