Sometimes memberships or listing fees might not be ideal for some users. They may need to post regularly but not every month.

Listing fees alone might work out more expensive as they’d need to pay for credit card processing fees, such as stripe’s 20p per transaction. Buying credits in bulk means processing fees can be much less.

Buying credits

Here’s how it works, once you’ve set-up your listing fees, you can set up a list of options for users to buy credits.

“Number of credits” indicates the number of credits the user will get.

The “Price” column indicates the amount the user needs to pay to get the credits.

Using Credits

For member to be able to use credits, you need to set-up the “number of credits” each listing fee plan consumes. This means if you created a listing fee for members to be able to post “Featured listings” and set the “Number of credits” to 10 then when a member who has credits in his account tries to make a listing “featured” 10 credits will be removed from their account. This goes with every other plan the number of credits required will be consumed if the member has enough.

How does the member buy more credits?

If you have the credits module turned on and have listing fees set-up, when the member performs an action that requires payment they’ll have to option to choose to top-up their account using credit – as shown below.

If you need any help setting-up listing fees and credits please let us know!