Color filters can give your website a refreshing look without overloading it. It nicely enriches the design with matching coloring that conveys various emotions. Color filter lets users browse the products according to the color of the product.

To enable the color filter for your site, please refer to the following steps.

1. Add new field

  • Login to your admin panel
  • Go to the fields section: and click “Add new”

  • Give your new field a name and position, then check the checkbox in front of “Show in search sidebar”, set “Search UI” to “colorSelect” and click “Submit”.

2. Set Form input type

  • Set the”Form input type” to “text”, “Label” to “Color”,  “Type” to “color” and click “Submit”.

  • Now, you need to enable the Search sidebar. To do this, go to “/panel/settings” and check the radio button in front of “Show search sidebar” and click “Submit”.

You can now filter your search based on the color on the “/browse” page.