Offline Payments

Let users pay with cash-on-delivery or other methods of offline payments

Marketplacekit offers you different payment methods for you to choose from on your site. You can choose from these options Stripe, PayPal, Mollie, PayStack and InstaMojo. Currently, Marketplacekit supports Stripe and PayPal for online payment. We are planning to release other payment add-ons very soon.

Having an online payment system is a must in today's world. But, some products and services are not of fixed price and keep changing over time. And, some countries don't support Stripe and PayPal and they need to do business in cash. This is where Marketplacekit's Offline Payments add-on comes in handy. It allows retailers to accept payment transactions for goods and services through a more traditional method in contrast to online payment solutions.

1. Direct payments:

Offline payments are transacted directly from an individual’s account, for example, cheque payments, or cash payments.

2. Instant:

Payments made through cash and cheque are immediate therefore there is no lag time.

3. Not Online:

These payments do not require the internet, therefore, they are not reliant on technology and there is very little risk of fraud.

Who should use this addon?
This add-on can be used by those marketplace owners who don't have Stripe and PayPal or any other online payment methods supported in their country. This addon is also useful for those store owners who don't want their customers to be victims of online fraud or identity theft.

Offline Payments let users pay with cash-on-delivery or other methods of offline payments like bank or wire transfer, cheques, etc.

Why use this?
A company that accepts offline payments can monitor its income and clear payments on time. Offline solutions are considered to be a faster and more efficient method of payment as most of the transactions are between bank accounts or are direct payments made over the counter.

Use Cases:

  1. You can reduce the chances of frauds and scams.
  2. Faster and safer transactions.

How it works
You can set up Offline Payments on your site by logging in to your panel and clicking on "Payments" or by typing in "" in the Address bar. payments

You will be redirected to the Payments page. Click on "+ Add offline payments" YLemqmIBTaJiEjcDiTTMjNi2LCEgVdvkXQ

You will be redirected to a new page. There, give the new payment a name, display name(what customers will see on the site), icon(link to the image you want to use as an icon for this payment method), description, payment instructions, set the status of "is enabled" to "Yes" and finally, select the position for it. Then click "Submit". bdsh43nBV RjrGTdLuLxYdISLUorNdVp3A

You've now successfully added a new offline payment. Now, click "Enter Payment Details" vny1absn6 7UQvYEU6u9LomSV7jJ mt4Dg

And, you can now follow the instructions for filling up the fields shown here. oUDHaqutPL-L7ex4RUnDdmYIyuWtmX5DhQ

Once you've set everything up, you can enable or disable the newly added payment method by going to "" 0sKd4PwEiE6zqbv1cogwO5HHlJV-DKwsig

  1. The customer does not need to own a credit card to purchase
  2. Impulse purchases may increase as payment is not due at the time of ordering
  3. The credibility of retailers may be increased because the consumer only has to pay when the item is delivered

Please make sure you have a basic knowledge of Composer, Laravel and NPM before proceeding.

You must also have a working installation of MarketplaceKit. After your purchase, you will get 6 months access to a git repo from where you can download and install the package.

To install this package run

composer require marketplacekit/offlinepayment

Then activate the addon in the admin panel.


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