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Customers can browse, search listings and place orders

A mobile app makes it convenient for many buyers and sellers. Buyers can browse listings and communicate with sellers wherever they are, while sellers can accept orders on the go – just as the web counterpart. However, they can also feature push notifications, direct phone call, alerts and use the camera.

Most of the time a website is enough. However, if your sellers or buyers are on the go, then a native mobile app is a better choice. It’s faster and they have access to a set of features that desktops do not. For example, a marketplace connecting local contractors (e.g. plumbers, handymen) would probably be better with an app.

1. Convenience:

The mobile app makes it convenient for the buyers and sellers as they can use the full feature of marketplacekit on the go. Using the app, the buyers can browse listings, chat with sellers, etc, while sellers can check the orders and deal with them wherever they are and whenever they want.

2. Customizable:

Just as the desktop version, the mobile app also lets the users customize their marketplace as their liking. They can add or delete listings, customize the layout, and so on.

Who should use this addon?
This addon is useful for those buyers who don't have time to go on the desktop/laptop for adding and editing their listings. It is also for those buyers who don't have enough time to browse everything on the desktop and want things on the go.

The app is built with Vue.js and is very customizable. The app is available on both iOS and android. This app makes it easy for both the buyers and the sellers to get the best of Marketplacekit on the go.

Why use this?
The mobile app is more convenient than the desktop version. With the mobile version, you can use all the features of Marketplacekit that you can on the desktop version. You can search for the listings using location-based geo-search with integrated maps.

Along with this, you can also use Stripe payments within the mobile app.

Use Cases:

  1. You can use the mobile app to use all the features of Marketplacekit on the go.
  2. The buyers can book events, buy products, rent equipment, rent rooms/spaces within the app.

    How it works
    You can generate your marketplace according to your site by enabling the Mobile API add-on via the dashboard, and then submitting it on Google Play and App Store.
  • Available on both iOS and android
  • Customizable
  • Built with Vue.js
  • Buyers can book events, buy products, rent equipment, rent rooms/spaces
  • Location-based Geo-search with integrated maps
  • Stripe payments

Coming soon

This add-on is currently in development. Please contact us if you want to beta test an early release.

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Single Site License: Purchased add-ons may only be used on a single live domain. Item includes 12 months of developer support and updates.
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