Setting up your PayPal account requires you to use the Express Checkout API. It uses split payments so you receive a service fee and the seller receives the full fee.

To enable PayPal please click on “Payments” in the sidebar.

Then click “Enter payment details”

In the next screen you’re required to enter the following details:

Name – The name of the payment method e.g. PayPal

Display name – The name that you’d like users to see, usually the same as Name

Icon – this icon will appear when users checkout

Description – Sellers will see this message when connecting their account

Payment instructions – Buyers will see this message when checking out

Paypal email – this is the your email where you’ll receive marketplace service fees

Finally you’ll need to login to PayPal and fetch your API keys. Please note, you’ll need a business account to use this.

Login to your PayPal account and go to the settings page. click on “My selling tools”, then “update” in the API access  section.

Click on “Manage API credentials” in the “NVP/SOAP API integration” (classic) section.


Now click show next to API Username, API Password and Signature.

Copy these Keys into the admin panel and click on submit.

Now your sellers will be able to see a “Connect with PayPal” button in their payments method page page e.g. yourdomain/account/bank-account


Don’t forget you can also set-up stripe payments to accept credit cards directly.