Examples of what you can build

MarketplaceKit is constantly being molded into a control panel that enables you to create any type of marketplace you like. Professionals can list their services, Traders can list their products, Estate agents can list properties and more.

E-commerce type sites

Launching an attractive and scalable marketplace like ebay/etsy quickly and affordably is important for modern startups. The novum theme helps you create your site and makes it look good with minimum effort.

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Booking appointments & services

Our "Servitus" theme showcases the services your members provide. The booking system allows members to set their working hours and let customers book specific times.

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List properties, lodging, rentals, spaces & equipment

Members can list their spaces, whether it's rooms, studios, apartments, garages or houses. If members want to rent their equipment e.g. tools, bicycles etc. they can easily do so.

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